MS-F Portable Handheld Sponge Moisture Detector, Foam Moisture Meter
Foam Moisture Meter MS-F is used for measuring moisture content of foam and sponge.It applicable of bedding article,packing industry and other relevant industry. Features 1. It is portable, compact, easy to use and the moisture measurement readings are instant.2. Digital...
Color Reader CR2 Portable Color Matching Tool Digital Color Calibrator Professional Edition
Introduction: ColorReader CR2 is developed by 3nh adopting advanced color sensor and rich performances APP with special multi-functional "Smart Button" and professionalized non-contact auto white board calibration incorporating micro colorimeter and cellphone colorreader two in one. It can be widely...
Digital Moisture Meter Portable Grain Moisture Meter TK100S
Description: The Grain Moisture Meter TK100s is used for fast and accurate measurement of moisture in the process of allotment, acquisition, storage, machining of packed grains. Specification: Display: 4 digital LCDMeasuring range : 5-30%Temperature: 0-60Humidity: 5%-90%Resolusion: 0.1Accuracy: ± 0.5%nOperation: Electrical...
$65.00 $56.00
YS4510 45/0 Grating Spectrophotometer With 2,4,8mm Measurement Aperture Optional
Introduction: YS4510 standard spectrophotometer with 45/0 geometrical optics structure( 45 ring-shaped illumination ,vertical viewing), comply with C I E N o . 1 5. Adopting concave grating light splitting method. accurately measure the reflectivity and various chromaticity data of samples....
$2,759.00 $2,551.47
NS810 8mm Portable Spectrophotometer 8-degree Viewing Angle, Diffused Illumination Digital Color Difference Meter
Introduction: NS810 spectrophotometer is developed by 3nh with independent intellectual property rights. It features with stable performance, precise measurement and powerful functions in the leading position of the same industry. Application Industry NS810 spectrophotometer is widely used in plastic, electronic,...
$2,970.00 $2,735.80
NR200 High-Quality Colorimeter 8mm Measuring Aperture And LED Blue Light Excitation
Introduction 1. Leading Humanity Design and Convenient OperationOne-touch access to measurement interfaceStructure design in line with ergonomicsEast-to-use operating interface2. Stable Measurement PerformanceThe repeatability △E is 0.08.Portable structure design which is more conductive to keeping the instrument stable when using.3. Convenient...
$1,087.00 $999.59
YG60S 60°Economic Gloss Meter Surface Gloss Measurement Meter Glossmeter
YG60S 60° gloss meter is produced according to international standard ISO2813 and China standard GB/T 9754, and can meet the requirements of JJG696. Product Features:1. Elegant Design combined with aesthetics and ergonomics;2. Meet requirements of JJG696;3. Auto Power-off within optional...
NH310 Portable Colorimeter 8mm/4mm Color Measuring Device Handheld Colorimeter
Introduction: The Preferred Solution for Color Quality Control ManagementNH310 high-quality portable colorimeter has adopted multi-channel color sensors of international brands, more stable IC platform as well as efficient and accurate algorithms to provide users with accurate and fast color management...
60 Degree Gloss Meter YG60 0-1000GU Range Economic Glossmeter Surface Measurement
YG60 60°Accurate Gloss Meter is manufactured according to international standard ISO2813 and Chinese standard GB/T 9754. With automatic calibration function and high-end quality control software, it meets the requirements of JJG696.Product Features:1. YG series gloss meter features with USB/RS-232 interface...
$148.00 $135.00
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